Dino Campbell – “The Witness”

"The Witness"

I grew up with this picture hanging in my father’s office. I used to get lost in this thing, because there is so much ridiculous detail. Denny had two Dino Campbell prints in his office, and a third that he gave to my art teacher. That one was much like this in that it was a quagmire of overlapping, non-specific religious imagery.

After leaving home, I wished to, one day, own this piece, and to my delight, my father recently mailed it to me. I was somewhat disappointed, however, to find that there is no information on the internet regarding this artist or any of his work.  I feel that this work is far too beautiful and significant to drift into obscurity, so here is my attempt at preserving it.  Check it out, and if you feel compelled, pass it along.

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  1. lelliott608 Says:

    I just recently acquired three art prints from Dino Campbell at an estate sale. The owner of the house found them in their original packing tube (they were purchased and shipped to Wisconsin for a buyer), up in the attic. I’m also having trouble finding any information about the artist, except for one brief online mention in the Hyde Park Herald (from 1969)about his art being on exhibit at his studio from Dec 69 to Feb 70.

  2. molly farley Says:

    I rented a house with my boyfriend in Golden Valley Mn back in the early 70’s from Dino Campbell. The cottage we rented was on the property of a larger house owned by him. It seemed like the owners were never home but the house was full of Dino’s art and the images have stayed with me all these years. I just searched his name and only came up with your blog!?! Where is Dino Campbell?

  3. jack Says:

    i have a dino its of a bull .. dated 1965 is it worth any thing? 2197814185

  4. Eli Says:

    My grandparents own two Dino Cambpell sketches (real, not copies or reproductions), one with a man playing the guitar while his hand droops in to many hands, and one with an old man who is made up of many other people and items, with the words “The Lamps Are Many, But The Light Is One” elegantly written next to the man. Without a doubt, the second piece is my favorite piece of art ever made, and it’s so detailed, You can’t help but get lost while staring at it. By the way, they knew Dino Campbell personally.

  5. Mimi Says:

    I am a fan of Dino Campbell’s work going back to the mid 1960’s when I couldn’t afford to buy any of it. I have a good friend who collects African American art and never heard of him. This is a bit distressing. Indeed, where is Dino?

  6. cathy Says:

    I have 3 prints of his and my favorite is the crowning of thorns. I also have the old man’s face and the guy with the guitar.I’ve had them hanging for 35 years in my home in one room or another. I’ve never been able to find anything about him either.

  7. LUCY Says:

    I own a print of Dino Campbell’s “Blessed are the Peacemakers.” It has hung over my bed since about 1973. I went to a psychic on the northside of Chicago & she had it hanging in the waiting room. We had travelled an hour to get there & she was such a bad psychic she gave it to me, knowing that my husband was out of work (the reason for our trek) & I was taken with it. She felt guilty about taking my money under the circumstances, but I am happy with the trade. It is a lovely piece, though it was somehow shrink wrapped to prevent paper discoloration & after numerous moves, there was is a tear in the covering just below the title that has discolored. I would love to know more about the artist. Did someone say he is African-American? I am planning to have it properly framed & conserved when funds allow. Any idea of it’s worth? Where is Dino? I want to tell him how happy I have been to live with his art for so long….

  8. ken love Says:

    I too wonder what happened to Dino. We were friends in the 60s and hung out in Hyde Park at my place or Harper court with some other photographers like Charles Stevens who is Chaka Kahns father. Great days. I still have a number of his prints around the house and a silver cup he brought me from Spain.

  9. Christine Marie Says:

    Wow……..just saw this post and I have been looking for something about DINO for years. I have a copy of “Blessed are the Peacemakers”. I bought it in Chicago, in an antique store on State Street over thirty years ago. the proprietors did not seem to know anything about it.
    A few years ago my daughter saw it in a movie….but by the time she told me, she had forgotten what movie!
    It has been one of my prized possessions for years and would so love to know more about the artist.

    Just posted this on the other thread, too. Hoping someone will see it. Now I am really more curious about the artist….if he is still alive…what other pieces are out there.

  10. mike Says:


  11. Paula Shafe Says:

    I also have the print with “the lamps are many but the light is one. My Mom bought it for me in New York. There is also a letter accompanying it that is written by someone named Terry Morse. I think he must have been the person who owned the shop where this painting was. My print is signed, “To Paula, dino.” I too wish there was more to read about him and his life. He was obviously a man of great depth and understanding. I love the print I have.

  12. William habich Says:

    I inherited 3 beautiful original dino art pieces all are religous in context they were purchased at a art fair extremely gifted but troubled artist. I know more about the artist if interested send a email.

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