My Second Website – Circa 1999

The second website I ever built was designed as an experiment in illustrated story-telling. I thought maybe the internet was a new avenue in art, and I was trying to explore what possibilities it might have regarding visual media. I decided to illustrate the song “Ana Ng” by They Might Be Giants.

When I look at this website, I am embarrassed by many of my aesthetic and design choices (as a consequence, you won’t be seeing all of these choices). Some of the panels are cool though, so I’m posting them here. The interactive graphics are loaded into the window below. Without certain panels and overall structure/logic, the story is lost, so there’s no need to try and figure it out. Unlike the original website, this presentation is linear–each page only links to the next and they all link in a loop. The idea is to move the cursor around and discover things, so have some fun.

Although, I believe it is up to an individual’s interpretation, this is the story in the song as I see it: The love interest or “meant to be” of the protagonist lives halfway around the world, so he is likely to never meet her. He may have had the opportunity once during the 1964 Word’s Fair, when they were both children. If you are not familiar with the song, try to give it a listen sometime.

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