Somewhere Script

Everything in Movieland moves so much slower than most people realize. A few months into 2009, Schell Sculpture Studio was contacted about being featured in Sofia Coppola’s newest project, “Somewhere.” By middle of the year it had been shot, and by the beginning of 2010, I had gotten to see the final product (sitting immediately behind Sofia, no less). So for some reason (I think something to do with pregnancy), it has only just come out. If you manage to find it in the theater, you can see me life-casting Stephen Dorff (translate: doing my job). You can also see me doing it briefly in this trailer:

I know this film has caught some shit from critics, but I really believe that it would’ve gotten nothing but praise had she not already made a film with similar themes and tone (Lost in Translation).

The image at the top of this post is from a shooting script someone left behind, and I kept. It links to the artwork from the t-shirt that I’m wearing in this film.

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