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Dino Campbell – “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

After my first post regarding the work of Dino Campbell, I received quite a few messages from individuals who had either known him, or his work. Individuals who, like me, wondered why more isn’t available on his remarkable talent. As such, I sort of became the repository for all things Dino. I have more of these which I will eventually be posting, but they need a lot of clean-up, so it will happen as time is available.

This one is entitled “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”, and I am 87% certain that it was one of the prints that my father used to own.

Here is a bit more that I have learned about the man since my initial post: Dino Campbell was born in St. Louis in 1935. He attended the Choulnard Art Institute, the Art Center School (both ln Los Angeles), and he also attended Mexico University and the American Academy ln Chicago. He won scholarships to the Otis Art Institute ln Los Angeles and the Koelner Werkschule in Cologne, West Germany, and has travelled and painted extensively in Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Turkey. In fact, I have received accounts of his travels (and residences) all over the world. I still have no information on his death other than hearsay.

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