Philip Baker Hall – Circa “Sydney”

There are a lot of projects that I start just to challenge myself, or just to have something to work on. Many of such projects sit unfinished for a long time. I always hesitate to publish works in progress, but I am resolving right now to change that.

I love Philip Baker Hall’s acting, and I have a feeling that if I had a chance to know the man, I would learn to love his long-winded stories, experimental cooking, and his incessant show-tune-singing. Previous to this sculpture, I had attempted to do only a few likenesses, to varying degrees of success.

Philip Baker Hall

This is the actor as he looked around the time he made the movie, “Hard Eight” otherwise known as “Sydney” (Paul Thomas Anderson’s first film, and an exceptional one at that). The paint job on this piece was done entirely in Photoshop (made by the fine people at Adobe–real up-and-comers). And speaking of virtual paint-jobs…

Xenophobe Alien

This dude is a full head mask that I sculpted based on a drawing by Mike “The Spider” Doran of “I’m not the guy who played Worf” fame. Here is his original sketch:

Xenophobe Alien

If you click on the image, it will take you to a t-shirt design that this sketch was incorporated into.

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