I thought this piece had been lost. I’m glad I found it. This was created at a time when I was attempting to isolate viewers from the social trappings of a gallery. It was my intent to make every piece viewable in its own booth, so viewers would have to make a conscious decision to engage with the work. It took me a while to realize that this concept was overkill, but eventually the booths were ditched.

This particular piece would’ve had its own booth, hopefully lending a sense of privacy. The viewer would enter the booth and begin answering the questions on the survey. Signage would ensure the viewer that his/her name would not be attached to the survey in any way. Elsewhere in the gallery, a separate monitor would be broadcasting the survey as the viewer interacted with it. Almost everyone I knew was against this concept.

Ultimately, the piece didn’t make it into the final show, because it didn’t match with the rest of the body of work. I think it’s cool, though, and it deserves to have a venue.

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