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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I finally uploaded my experimental video, “T.” I’m sorry this took so long, but it contains nudity, upon which Youtube frowns. This was my first non-narrative video ever. It includes a lot of spiritual business. I hope that doesn’t turn anyone off. It also includes a lot of fluid-letting, which I hope doesn’t turn anyone on. And it includes a heaping mouthful of copyright infringement, which I hope doesn’t get anyone sued. You can access this video via the media link, via the above image, or via the link that is the end of this sentence. I would’ve posted it right in the blog, as I am wont to do, but I don’t want anyone to watch it accidentally. I would rather it be a choice.

P.S. If the white noise at the front of the clip seems prominent, turn it down, as the actual audio will get quite loud.

Bathroom Codes

Friday, October 17th, 2008

While at the mall one time, I had to use the restroom (this story could go anywhere at this point; seriously, I have so many adventures that start exactly like this).  A friend who was with me declared that she knew where the closest bathrooms were, because she had used them before.  “Number one or number two”, I asked.  She actually had done a number one and a number six, but she didn’t use these terms, for she didn’t know all of the appropriate bathroom codes.  So as a public service, I thought that I should list these bathroom codes so that more people might know and use them.

Number One: Urinating
Number Two: Defecating
Number Three: Masturbating
Number Four: Crying after masturbating
Number Five: Vomiting
Number Six: Inserting, removing, or changing a tampon
Number Seven:  Making a snot directly into the toilet or sink
Number Eight: Alleviating fluid from a pimple, boil, or lesion 
Number Nine: Bleeding accidentally
Number Ten: Bleeding on purpose
Number Eleven: Eating a sandwich or bowl of cereal
Number Twelve: Flossing strictly on the toilet
Number Thirteen: Drinking while showering or talking on the phone while bathing
Number Fourteen: Bathing a household pet
Number Fifteen: Bathing a stranger’s pet
Number Sixteen: Performing any human bathroom function into a pet’s litter box
Number Seventeen: Feeling shame
Number Eighteen: Hallucinating from fever or dicomfort
Number Nineteen: Combusting spontaneously (it is in poor taste to use this in any way except literal)

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