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Dino Campbell – “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

After my first post regarding the work of Dino Campbell, I received quite a few messages from individuals who had either known him, or his work. Individuals who, like me, wondered why more isn’t available on his remarkable talent. As such, I sort of became the repository for all things Dino. I have more of these which I will eventually be posting, but they need a lot of clean-up, so it will happen as time is available.

This one is entitled “Blessed Are the Peacemakers”, and I am 87% certain that it was one of the prints that my father used to own.

Here is a bit more that I have learned about the man since my initial post: Dino Campbell was born in St. Louis in 1935. He attended the Choulnard Art Institute, the Art Center School (both ln Los Angeles), and he also attended Mexico University and the American Academy ln Chicago. He won scholarships to the Otis Art Institute ln Los Angeles and the Koelner Werkschule in Cologne, West Germany, and has travelled and painted extensively in Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Turkey. In fact, I have received accounts of his travels (and residences) all over the world. I still have no information on his death other than hearsay.

Dino Campbell – “The Witness”

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

"The Witness"

I grew up with this picture hanging in my father’s office. I used to get lost in this thing, because there is so much ridiculous detail. Denny had two Dino Campbell prints in his office, and a third that he gave to my art teacher. That one was much like this in that it was a quagmire of overlapping, non-specific religious imagery.

After leaving home, I wished to, one day, own this piece, and to my delight, my father recently mailed it to me. I was somewhat disappointed, however, to find that there is no information on the internet regarding this artist or any of his work.  I feel that this work is far too beautiful and significant to drift into obscurity, so here is my attempt at preserving it.  Check it out, and if you feel compelled, pass it along.

Bathroom Codes

Friday, October 17th, 2008

While at the mall one time, I had to use the restroom (this story could go anywhere at this point; seriously, I have so many adventures that start exactly like this).  A friend who was with me declared that she knew where the closest bathrooms were, because she had used them before.  “Number one or number two”, I asked.  She actually had done a number one and a number six, but she didn’t use these terms, for she didn’t know all of the appropriate bathroom codes.  So as a public service, I thought that I should list these bathroom codes so that more people might know and use them.

Number One: Urinating
Number Two: Defecating
Number Three: Masturbating
Number Four: Crying after masturbating
Number Five: Vomiting
Number Six: Inserting, removing, or changing a tampon
Number Seven:  Making a snot directly into the toilet or sink
Number Eight: Alleviating fluid from a pimple, boil, or lesion 
Number Nine: Bleeding accidentally
Number Ten: Bleeding on purpose
Number Eleven: Eating a sandwich or bowl of cereal
Number Twelve: Flossing strictly on the toilet
Number Thirteen: Drinking while showering or talking on the phone while bathing
Number Fourteen: Bathing a household pet
Number Fifteen: Bathing a stranger’s pet
Number Sixteen: Performing any human bathroom function into a pet’s litter box
Number Seventeen: Feeling shame
Number Eighteen: Hallucinating from fever or dicomfort
Number Nineteen: Combusting spontaneously (it is in poor taste to use this in any way except literal)

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